Don't Breathe or The Witch? AHS or Walking Dead? Saturn Award noms are here

This year's nominees for the SATURN AWARDS have been announced!

Now while I don't plan do go over the full list here (you can find a link to that below), what I want to do here today is point out the flicks, and TV shows, that have been graced with a nomination, and open up the discussion for which film/show should win. Let's start off with the nominations for ...

Best Horror Film:

The Autopsy of Jane Doe
The Conjuring 2
Don't Breathe
Ouija: Origin of Evil
Train to Busan
The Witch

That's a damn good list, huh? Hard to pick a favorite here. That said, I think my vote would go to THE WITCH. Duh. Not to say DON'T BREATHE isn't a close second. I just feel that THE WITCH is the film we will still be talking about decades from now, while - entertaining as f*ck as it is - DON'T BREATHE is a tad less "significant" I guess you could say.  Next we move onto

Best Thriller:

10 Cloverfield Lane
The Accountant
The Girl on the Train
Jason Bourne
Hell or High Water
The Shallows

As you can see, many of these are not what you would call "horror". But that said, I mean, come on, the debate over if SPLIT and/or 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE are horror or not will rage for a long time. THE SHALLOWS however is straight horror. Am I wrong here? That sh*t was intense and f*cking scary (in parts). But that's what a thriller is, dumbass. I know we're all horror fans, so we're not going to have to have that lame debate here. My "Horror-Thriller" pick goes to SPLIT

Best Horror Television Series:

American Horror Story: Roanoke
Ash vs. Evil Dead
The Exorcist
Fear the Walking Dead
Teen Wolf
The Vampire Diaries
The Walking Dead

I think THE EXORCIST is the clear winner here, but I know there are tons and tons of WALKING DEAD and AHS fans that would bash my brains out with a spiked bat for saying that. All the same, I have said it and I will not take it back. THE EXORCIST was the best horror series this year. 

While I have to wonder where CHANNEL ZERO is in all this mess, I finally found it tucked away in the "Best Presentation on Television" category. Hurm. Interesting category... I guess, being that the series is made up of short (6-episode) self-contained seasons, the powers that be at SATURN think of it as more of a min-series. To each his own.

What do YOU think of the nominees, and which would you pick in each category? You can check out the full list RIGHT HERE. This year's awards show is slated to take place on June 28th.

This is where the REAL debate beginnings...

Extra Tidbit: Jane Levy. No question.
Source: Saturn Awards



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