Dorff and George try to contact a lost loved one in Don't Go trailer

Don't Go Stephen Dorff Melissa George David Gleeson

Originally titled DON'T LET GO, director David Gleeson's horror-thriller is coming soon to theatres under the slightly shortened title DON'T GO, and to promote the release a trailer has arrived online. You can see that embedded below.

Starring Stephen Dorff and Melissa George, the film was written by Gleeson and Ronan Blaney. The story: 

Reeling from the shock of their young daughter's death, Ben (Dorff) and Hazel (George) attempt to restart their lives in a picturesque seaside village. But when the girl begins appearing to Ben in a haunting recurring dream, he becomes convinced that she is attempting to make contact from beyond the grave — and that his nightmare may hold the key to bringing her back to life. As Hazel begins to fear for her husband's sanity, they are each drawn into a mystery far beyond their understanding. 

Also in the cast are Simon Delaney, Gavin O'Connor, Grace Farrell, and Aoibhinn McGinnity.

This is a film that has a very heavy subject matter, and having lost several loved ones in the last couple years I can relate to the ideas presented here. The grief, the wish that you could contact the ones you've lost, the nightmares that come with the loss. I really hope DON'T GO lives up to the devastating potential of digging into this concept.

IFC Films will be giving DON'T GO a limited theatrical release on October 26th.



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