DreamWorks acquires S.L. Grey novel The Apartment

THE APARTMENT, the new novel by authors Sarah Lotz (pictured above) and Louis Greenberg (below), writing together under the pen name S.L. Grey, won't even be in stores until July, but DreamWorks is already planning to develop a cinematic adaptation of it.

A horror/thriller, THE APARTMENT will tell the story of 

Mark and Steph, who are struggling to move on with their lives after an armed break-in at their home shakes their once-idyllic world. A house swap in Paris with a couple they meet online seems to provide the perfect chance to leave their troubles behind them, but the Paris apartment is a run-down wreck and the French couple can’t be reached.

Upon returning to their Cape Town home, Mark and Steph can’t shake the feeling that there’s now something sinister about their own home. As time passes, Mark is terrorized by a series of unsettling visions that make him question whether this is the product of his imagination or if there’s a far more troubling explanation.

The rights have only just been acquired by DreamWorks, so the creative team that will bring this tale to the big screen has yet to be assembled. It will be interesting to see who the writer, director, and stars will be.

Extra Tidbit: Have you read any S.L. Grey novels?
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