Early Xmas gift: the trailer for Joe R. Landale's Christmas with the Dead!

While it's not quite time for Christmas cheer (that begins the day after Halloween), we do have a little Yuletide treat to share with you: The trailer for Terrill Lee Lankford's CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEAD, based on the short story of the same name by Joe R. Lansdale (who produced the film adaptation). 'Tis the season to be gory!

It was a foolish thing to do, and Calvin had not bothered with it the past two years, not since the death of his wife and child. But this year he decided quite suddenly, that tomorrow was Christmas Eve. And zombies be damned, the lights and decorations are going up...

Joe's son Keith penned the screenplay for CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEAD, while his daughter Kasey has a lead role. So nice to see a family come together to tell a tale of flesh-eating undead.

The ghoulish holiday flick doesn't have a release date yet.

Extra Tidbit: Lansdale created BUBBA HO TEP!



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