Erin R. Ryan is The Girl in the Crawlspace for director John Oak Dalton

The Girl in the Crawlspace Erin R. Ryan John Oak Dalton

As a screenwriter, John Oak Dalton has done a lot of work with two exceptionally prolific independent genre filmmakers, Henrique Couto and Mark Polonia. Now Dalton is preparing to make his own directorial debut with a psychological thriller titled THE GIRL IN THE CRAWLSPACE, and Couto and Polonia will both be lending him a hand.

Couto, who Dalton has written four movies for, will be serving as director of photography and producing the film, while Polonia, who Dalton has written seven movies for, will be editing it.

THE GIRL IN THE CRAWLSPACE is expected to begin filming in rural Indiana this spring, and as the start of production draws near Dalton has been assembling a great cast of indie stars.

Erin R. Ryan will be taking on the title role, a character named Jill.

Jill escapes from a notorious serial killer who has kept her prisoner in a crawlspace. She tries to work her way back to normal with the help of a therapist, but becomes inserted into the therapist's strained marriage with a failing screenwriter.

Joni Durian and John Hambrick will be playing the troubled couple. Tom Cherry, Rachael Redolfi, Jeff Kirkendall, Joe Kidd, Iabou Windimere, Chelsi Kern, and Andrew Shearer are signed on to co-star in the film.

As a fan of several of the people involved behind and in front of the camera, I find THE GIRL IN THE CRAWLSPACE to be a very exciting project. I'm looking forward to following its progress, and to watching it as soon as possible.

Dalton is aiming to have the film released later this year.

Erin R. Ryan starred in CALAMITY JANE'S REVENGE, directed by Couto from a screenplay by Dalton

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