Evan Rachel Wood reunites with Catherine Hardwicke for erotic thriller Plush

Since she rarely gets the opportunity to toil in our twisted genre, now's as good a time as any to express my love for Evan Rachel Wood (pictured). Sure she dated that Manson f*cko, but wow, this chick is definitely among the best actors of her age group. And now she's going back to where it all started!

THR has it that the lovely Mrs. Wood is reuniting with her TH13TEEN director Catherine Hardwicke for PLUSH, a new erotic thriller set in the L.A. music world. No further details were given, save for it perhaps being a 21st century FATAL ATTRACTION. If that proves true, I honestly can't wait to see what Evan and Catherine come up with.

Remember, after the gritty, critically acclaimed TH13TEEN, Hardwicke went on to make TWILIGHT and RED RIDING HOOD. Not exactly works of art. My guess is she's tired of the teeny-bopper bullshit and wants to get back to something with bite. Enter Mrs. Wood: fearless, gorgeous, massively talented. If written and casted up well, PLUSH could certainly be worth keeping an eye on.

Extra Tidbit: Three wildly different Evan Rachel Wood roles for you to scope out: THE WRESTLER, WHATEVER WORKS and "Mildred Pierce."
Source: THR



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