Evil Bong 3D to be released theatrically on 4/20 with Sniff-O-Rama!

Charles Band was once a force to be reckoned with. In the '80s, his Empire Pictures released a number of cult classics, including RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, TROLL, and GHOULIES. After starting Full Moon Productions in 1989, he was behind a few more good flicks: CASTLE FREAKS, THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, and even PUPPET MASTER.

These days, however, his Full Moon delivers little more than low budget schlock - but they've maintained a diehard following of fans, so more power to 'em.

And we have some exciting news for those fans: EVIL BONG 3D: THE WRATH OF BONG will be the company's first theatrical release in years. The film will open in 10-15 major cities on April 20th (Get it? 4/20, dude!) with potential for expansion.

In addition to the 3D gimmick, the film will also utilize what Full Moon is calling Sniff-O-Rama. Upon entering the theater, you will receive a scratch-and-stiff card (along with your 3D glasses) which you will be advised to smell during certain parts of the movie. I can only imagine what aromas will be featured...

The third film in the horror/comedy series will begin lensing next month, so it will be a quick turnaround. The picture will premiere at a in Chicago on April 9th.

Extra Tidbit: Full Moon is also wrapping post-production on GINGERDEAD MAN 3.
Source: AITH



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