Evil Dead 2 reboot, Army of Darkness 2 and a crossover film!

Our brothers in gore Dread Central were at Wondercon this weekend and they got some interesting juice from the EVIL DEAD panel. Here it goes!

Director Fede Alvarez told the absolutely electrified crowd in attendance that should his film do well, he has plans to do his sequel while Raimi hopefully does Army of Darkness 2. Then he would like there to be a seventh crossover film which will tie the franchise all together. Bruce Campbell agreed, chiming in that "seven is a nice number."

Well wouldn't that be something! An EVIL DEAD 2, an ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 and a crossover flick with ASH coming in to make all the wrong things right and end it all on a high note.

Hey I would love for it to happen! But after all them years of being promised this and that when it comes to The Evil Dead franchise, I take all of this with a grain of salt. We'll see...

On a side note, HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! Here are some bunnies for yall!



Source: Dread Central



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