Evil Dead II writer Scott Spiegel welcomed to Purgatory

Cupsogue Pictures have announced that EVIL DEAD II co-writer and HOSTEL III director Scott Spiegel is set to executive produce its upcoming afterlife-based feature WELCOME TO PURGATORY, according to Screen Daily.

Spiegel is no stranger to the genre, having co-written EVIL DEAD II with director Sam Raimi, as well as producing Eli Roth's HOSTEL. Spiegel also wrote and directed 1989's underrated chiller INTRUDER, which featured appearances from his EVIL DEAD pals Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Directed by Gene Fallaize, WELCOME TO PURGATORY stars Nathan Jones, Jack O’Halloran, Tory Kittles and Stephen Marcus and centers around...

...three new arrivals as they navigate the Afterlife, helped by Guardian Paul. They find the afterlife in ruins amidst a growing war between good and evil. All the rules of the Afterlife have been broken and both pain and pleasure can be experienced. While death here may not be final, it leads directly to the Seventh Circle of Hell and the group must find a way to fix things before Heaven is ruined for eternity.

Tony Cook and Gene Fallaize will produce the film for Cupsogue Pictures, which was written by Marcus Ako and Tony Cook. Filming is set to commence at the end of 2013 at Pinewood Studios ahead of a theatrical release in 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Does WELCOME TO PURGATORY sound like it could be right up your alley?
Source: Screen Daily



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