Exclusive: Alien: Covenant's Katherine Waterston tells us her top Alien film

As we get closer and closer to the May release of the new ALIEN flick ALIEN: COVENANT we are starting to see more and more info flooding in, and I for one do not mind on damn bit. Last night we got a fuc*ing short film out of the ALIEN camp with them giving us a sneak peek at the new film during LEGION. That sneak peek ended up being almost five-minutes long, and I enjoyed every second.

Today we get an exclusive interview with ALIEN: COVENANT star Kathrine Waterston! Cool, right? Yes, the lovely Katherine sat down with Paul Shirley and talks all things ALIEN, including working with Ridley Scott, how "when you walk down an alien corridor, it looks like a fuc*ing alien corridor!", and even lets us know what her favorite ALIEN film is!

Spoiler Alert: she picks ALIEN!

"Good motherfuc*ing choice!

But in all seriousness, Katherine seems like an awesome girl. She seems really enthusiastic about her role, and the film in general. Even if she may have to watch the final cut through her fingers.

You can check out the full interview below, and keep checking back in with us here at AITH as we will keep you up to date on everything we hear concerning ALIEN: COVENANT.

Extra Tidbit: Katherine is Law & Order star Sam Waterston's daughter.



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