Exclusive: Check out The Monster Squad vinyl's Frankenstein art!

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Later this year, there's going to be a full length soundtrack album released with music from the awesome 1987 film THE MONSTER SQUAD. Ahead of that, Mondo is putting out a 7-inch vinyl with two songs on it: Michael Sembello's "Rock Until You Drop" (if you've ever seen THE MONSTER SQUAD, that song has probably never left your head since) and "Monster Squad Rap" by The Monster Squad.

There will be four different covers available for the vinyl, each with a different artist's rendering of a specific monster. The Dracula cover is by Phantom City Creative, Gary Pullin handled The Wolfman, Randy Ortiz provided The Gillman art, and here we have an EXCLUSIVE look at the Frankenstein's Monster cover, with artwork by Jason Edmiston.

The discs were also pressed differently for each release. The Dracula album is pressed on white vinyl with red splatter, The Wolfman on bronze vinyl with brown splatter, The Gillman on clear vinyl on green splatter. As you can see below, the Frankenstein's Monster album was pressed on bone colored vinyl with purple splatter.

How can you get these different releases? As of May, the Dracula and The Wolfman albums will be available on Mondotees.com, with The Wolfman release making its debut at the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention in Dallas, Texas this weekend. The Gillman and Frankenstein's Monster releases are exclusives for brick and mortar record stores. You'll be able to pick up The Gillman cover at record stores in the United Kingdom, while the Frankenstein's Monster cover will be available at record stores in the United States.

This looks to be one very cool release that's a must-have for record collectors and dedicated fans of THE MONSTER SQUAD.

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