Exclusive: Eli Roth Talks Clown and the Genre and Superhero Connection!

In the latest Eli Roth produced thriller CLOWN, a kindly father makes the mistake of putting on a clown suit that is more than it seems. Not only will the suit not come off, the man finds that he develops horrific habits that he tries desperately to resist. This dark feature is directed by Jon Watts (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING) and it's a vicious little flick. With a solid performance from leading man Andy Powers, there is a real sense of fright and it is no surprise Roth is involved thanks to some shocking and gory goodness.

Recently, at the junket for CLOWN, we sat down with Roth once again to discuss just how damn scary clowns can be. During our conversation, I brought up the fact that so many genre filmmakers go into creating massive superhero films, with Watts taking on SPIDER-MAN. Roth discussed his thoughts on this, and the attraction for filmmakers to do it. If you are looking for a killer clown flick that is legitimately meant to freak you the f*ck out, check out CLOWN coming this Friday in limited release and VOD. CLOWN is currently the #1 horror movie on iTunes, so it may be worth your while to give it a look.

Source: AITH

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