Interview: Nell Tiger Free and Arkasha Stevenson Talk The First Omen

We talk with Nell Tiger Free and filmmaker Arkasha Stevenson about their latest horror prequel, The First Omen

Last Updated on April 9, 2024

Growing up, The Omen franchise was one of my favorites. And like many a film series, the subsequent sequels couldn’t come close to the original. Even still, I appreciated the first three films. I was doubtful this would be remotely good. That is until me and my horror loving buddy Matt Van Winkle were happily shocked after seeing the new flick. The prequel is frankly one of the best franchise horror films I’ve seen in a long while. Arkasha creates a wonderful sense of dread with a final act that will creep you the f*ck out. Add to that, Nell Tiger Free is utterly sensational as a young idealistic nun facing true evil – and dare I say it’s an award worthy performance. I absolutely loved this film.

Not only did I love the film, talking to both Arkasha Stevenson and Nell Tiger Free was a marvelous experience. For Arkasha, it’s almost hard to believe someone could pull off a successful continuation to the franchise. Yet Stevenson showed her expertise on the genre during our interview. She talked about her own inspiration, and finding the right story to tell. She discussed bringing body horror elements into the new film, and telling a story that feels relevant for today. I cannot wait to see what this amazing talent does next.

Instantly, I was engaged the second I sat down opposite the ridiculously talented Nell Tiger Free who you may know from the acclaimed series Servant and Game of Thrones. Nell is incredible in this film. Sometimes horror offers performers the chance to truly takes risks, and she does so marvelously. This incredible talent discussed taking on a role with absolutely none of the regular tools that actors often use, research into the world they are diving into. Instead, she just trusted her director. I had major doubts about The First Omen. And now, I’m planning on seeing it again tonight. It’s an excellent horror film, and it’s perfect to see with a large audience in a packed theatre. Check out our review here!


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