Exclusive Interview: Talking Curse of Chucky with Brad Dourif, Don Mancini and Alex Vincent!

As hard as it is to believe, this year is the 25th anniversary of the release of CHILD'S PLAY. And what more proper way to celebrate than with the release of a brand new Chucky adventure? And a good one at that! Last week, CURSE OF CHUCKY came out on Blu-ray/DVD (order if right here), and what a pleasant surprise it is: a spooky, bloody and funny (not of the slapstick variety either) thriller which completely enlivens the franchise, which appeared to be all but dead after SEED OF CHUCKY.

It was recently my pleasure to sit down with three of the main men in Chucky's life: Brad Dourif (Chucky/Charles Lee Ray), Don Mancini (the writer of every installment and the director of SEED and CURSE) and Alex Vincent (better known as Chucky's greatest nemesis, Andy Barclay). Watch below as we talk Chucky at 25, the origins of CURSE OF CHUCKY, Dourif's favorite entry in the Child's Play series, Vincent's memories of growing up with "Your friend to the end," and much, much more. The video runs nine minutes, so there's plenty for you to slice and dice!

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