Exclusive: Jason Momoa goes mental in Debug clip!

Safe to say, this isn't the Jason Momoa you're familiar with. This isn't Khal Drogo or Conan the Barbarian or Aquaman - this is Momoa gone psycho! The below exclusive clip is from an upcoming sci-fi thriller called DEBUG, in which Momoa plays a futuristic, sword-fighting madman. Watch it and spread it around; this thing should go viral!

Here's the DEBUG synopsis:

In this tale of deep space cyberhorror, six young computer hackers are sent to work on a derelict space freighter as a part of a work release program. They quickly fall prey to the ship’s vengeful artificial intelligence, a program that would kill to be human. They are helpless to defend themselves as it silently roots out their deepest desires to use against them in the most imaginative and horrific ways. It takes a very determined and brilliant hacker, Kaida, to battle this malevolent entity and send it back to cyber hell.

Hitting DVD on June 9th, DEBUG was directed by David Hewlitt and also stars Adam Butcher, Jeananne Goossen and Adrian Holmes. Pre-order it right HERE.



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