Exclusive: Leprechaun Returns to menace a sorority on new poster

Leprechaun Returns Linden Porco Steven Kostanski

Although the Leprechaun in the first six LEPRECHAUN films were all played by Warwick Davis, they were actually all different characters. Next month, the Leprechaun from the original film returns for the first time in the appropriately titled LEPRECHAUN RETURNS, and today we are proud to unveil an EXCLUSIVE poster for the film.

Last week, we shared a poster that showed the Leprechaun crawling out of the well he tumbled into at the end of 1993's LEPRECHAUN. On this new poster, we see what he finds once he escapes from the well: a sorority house full of potential victims.

Directed by Steven Kostanski from a screenplay by Suzanne Keilly, LEPRECHAUN RETURNS has the following synopsis: 

When the sorority sisters of the Alpha Upsilon house decide to go green and use an old well as their water source, they unwittingly awaken a pint-sized, green-clad monster. The Leprechaun wants a pot of gold buried near the sorority house, but first, he must recover his powers with a killing spree — and only the girls of AU can stop him.

Although this is the original Leprechaun, we have a new actor stepping into the role, Linden Porco. His co-stars include Taylor Spreitler, Pepi Sonuga, Sai Bennett, Emily Reid, Oliver Llewellyn-Jenkins, Ben McGregor, and Mark Holton, who reprises the role of Ozzie from the '93 movie.

It will be odd to see someone other than Davis as the Leprechaun, but I'm going to give Porco a chance and I'm really looking forward to this movie. I love the idea of the Leprechaun being unleashed by sorority girls, that is B-movie genius in my book.

Lionsgate will be releasing LEPRECHAUN RETURNS on digital and VOD on December 11th.

Check out the new poster below, and click on it to see a bigger version.



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