EXCLUSIVE POSTER: Hottie's gun is blazing in Project S.E.R.A. one-sheet

We're happy to present a nice exclusive Valentine's Day treat for the Arrow in the Head readers out there who like nothing more than a hot chick with a hot gun: the one-sheet for the epic soon-to-be-released short film PROJECT S.E.R.A. Peek at it below; just don't ask her if she'll be yours...

Here's the rundown on this killer short: A young woman watches helplessly as her father, a decorated general, is tortured and killed with an experimental biological weapon. When he suddenly reanimates in a ferocious bloodthirsty state, she must use the combat skills he taught her to escape both her captors and the creature he has become.

Written and Directed by Benjamin Howdeshell (assistant editor on DEATH RACE and RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE), PROJECT: S.E.R.A. stars Julia Voth (Bitch Slap), Victor Webster (Scorpion King III, Mutant X), and Dennis Keiffer (stunt actor - GI Joe, Superman, Green Hornet).

The short film goes online tomorrow, February 15th - check out the official site right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Julia Voth was the model for Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil video games.



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