Exclusive: Stills from Jennifer Blanc-Biehn's directorial debut The Night Visitor

If you hang around these parts very often then you'll be excited to check out this nice little treat we've got for you guys. Below you'll find an exclusive set of behind the scenes pics and stills from Jennifer Blanc-Biehn's upcoming directorial debut THE NIGHT VISITOR. Mixing horror and sci-fi is usually a recipe for a solid horror flick — add in some found footage elements and you've got THE NIGHT VISITOR.

Producer Mark Gantt had this to say regarding THE NIGHT VISITOR:

The Night Visitor effortlessly blends the sci-fi, horror and supernatural genres together with a beautiful balance of charm, humor and irony. I’m super excited to be a part of Jen Blanc-Biehn’s directorial debut, her vision and passion are leading the charge.

Lony Ruhmann helmed the story and will Executive Produce with Blanc-Biehn; Gantt will produce with a screenplay written by the Marcus Bros.

Have a look at the pics below!

Extra Tidbit: Let us know what you think of the first set of stills from The Night Visitor!
Source: AITH



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