Exclusive: Greg Nicotero, Ted Raimi and Scott Spiegel join our Evil Dead marathon!

We're crawling ever closer to our amazing EVIL DEAD MARATHON in L.A.; in just a few short weeks, a mob of deadites will descend upon Westwood Village to catch the original three EVIL DEAD films and the EVIL DEAD remake in a festival of frightful fun. Are you going to be among the lucky ones?

We've brought you exclusive details on the marathon before (check them HERE), and today we've got some fantastic special guests to announce:

- Greg Nicotero, special make-up effects guru and current "Walking Dead" producer/director, will be appearing at the fest to talk up his contributions to EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS.

- Ted Raimi, brother to EVIL DEAD mastermind Sam Raimi and featured actor in both EVIL DEAD 2 (Henrietta!) and ARMY OF DARKNESS, will be in the house to wax nostalgic about his time on both sets.

- Finally, EVIL DEAD 2 co-writer and longtime Raimi pal Scott Spiegel will be in attendance to talk about his work on the brilliant DEAD BY DAWN screenplay. (hopefully he'll throw in some tidbits about INTRUDER as well - what a nutty flick that one is.)

These fine fellow will be joining the previously announced lovely ladies of the EVIL DEAD, Theresa Tilly, Ellen Sandweiss and Betsy Baker, at the marathon, along with some yet-to-be-revealed special guests. This is shaping up to be a ridiculously enjoyable evening, so you're going to want to snap up the remaining seats, pronto.

Get your TICKETS HERE and check out and LIKE our official EVIL DEAD MARATHON Facebook page HERE.  

Extra Tidbit: Greg Nicotero has well over 150 feature film and television credits.



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