EXCLUSIVE: Zach Lipovsky tells us that Danica McKeller is the lead in Tasmanian Devils

Last week Eric told you about an upcoming film commissioned by the Syfy channel titled TASMANIAN DEVILS. Well the director Zach Lipovsky sent a little exclusive casting tid bit our way to share with you awesome readers.

“I can give you exclusive info that Danica McKeller is the lead, playing a book smart park ranger who turns into an ass kicking taz killer. Ripley crossed with Lara.”

Yes yes yes! Winnie Cooper herself Danica is the lead! Haven’t we all crushed on her since we first saw THE WONDER YEARS? Well as you can see from the pictures provided she turned into quite the beautiful young woman! I can see her in the role, and I think she’ll bring some sexy ass kicking like no other.

For those of you wondering what the film is about, here’s the synopsis: Five daredevil friends break the rules and BASE jump into a remote area of Tasmania - where another group of devils is waiting for them when they land.

When Park Rangers arrive to arrest the BASE jumpers for disturbing a pristine, ecological haven, they don’t believe their stories about the monsters they have uncovered. But before they know it, the jumpers and the rangers are in the fight of their lives. Can they stay one step ahead of a clever enemy with lightning speed or will they all be ripped apart by poisonous teeth and claws?

TASMANIAN DEVILS begins shooting next month in British Columbia, based on a script by Brook Durham. We shall see its release some time next year!

Extra Tidbit: I can’t wait to find out what the devils in the film will be. Will they be like the animal or something more sinister?
Source: AITH



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