Exploitation goes arthouse with The Hornet's Disciple and the Scars She Left

The Hornet's Sting and the Hell It's Caused Dustin Mills Joni Durian Minnie Grey

I have been a fan and follower of prolific Ohio-based indie filmmaker Dustin Mills for several years now. Anything he makes, I will watch, and that will continue to hold true with his next film, THE HORNET'S DISCIPLE AND THE SCARS SHE LEFT, which I just pre-ordered a copy of.

Described as an exploitation film with a brain and arthouse sensibilities, THE HORNET'S DISCIPLE is a meta sequel to Mills's 2014 release THE HORNET'S STING AND THE HELL IT'S CAUSED (pictured above), which centered on a photographer who would torture, degrade, and murder the models she hired off the internet. The synopsis for this follow-up:

Bondage. Captivity, Humiliation, Murder.

In "The Hornet's Disciple and the Scars She Left" Rose is a model and photographer who lures desperate women to their dooms with the promise of money, a stable lifestyle, and sometimes even sexual gratification.

Freya is a "down on her luck" drifter who falls under Rose's spell, and is subjected to a series of painful and humiliating ordeals culminating in a live streamed torture session you'll have to see to believe.

The film stars Roni Jonah (VOLUMES OF BLOOD) and newcomer J. Ania Lupa.

THE HORNET'S DISCIPLE AND THE SCARS SHE LEFT is completed and ready to be released. Mills is currently accepting pre-orders for DVD and Blu-ray copies (and offering other items related to the film) through IndieGogo, with the discs expected to start shipping out sometime in June.

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