Fame Can Turn on You in new poster for sex-tape thriller Ferocious

Around turkey day of last year, we intro'd you to a weird little sex-tape thriller called FEROCIOUS, starring up and cummer (see what I did there) Amanda Crew. Well, it's been quite the slog, but here we are 10 months later with a new poster for the Robert Cuffley flick. With visuals a bit redolent of 2001, the poster warns Fame Can Turn On You. So true, just ask Ali Pill about her recent twit-slip!

With Kim Coates and Michael Eklund onboard as well - FEROCIOUS goes like this:

Leigh Parish is the star on one of North America’s most popular TV shows. Beautiful, charismatic…her star’s ascension seems to have no ceiling.

On a return trip home and during a standard paint-by-number television interview, one of the phone in callers trips her up, unearthing an all-consuming anxiety within Leigh…one she had hoped was permanently buried.

Maurice is Leigh’s former boss, back when she worked in a sleazy nightclub, long before becoming famous. In his possession is a videotape with Leigh as the star. If distributed, the tape would effectively end Leigh’s career in the entertainment business. The mere thought of the tape is enough to get Leigh’s blood pressure to rise. Maurice knows this and is intent on extorting Leigh for the rest of her life.

But Leigh isn’t paying Maurice another nickel. She’s going to break into the club, retrieve the tape and destroy it. Or so the plan goes…

Flick is due sometime later this year, in Canada at least. Standby for more...

Extra Tidbit: Got yourself a sex tape?
Source: Collider



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