Fatal Attraction being remade for TV as an event series

Remember when it was called a "mini-series?" Now it's an "event series," and it's coming back big time. (Although it didn't work out too well for Rosemary's Baby.)

The latest event series to make headlines is FATAL ATTRACTION, of course based on the 1987 Best Picture nominee which kicked off many years of "psycho chick" flicks. Fox is developing the project with Maria and Andre Jacquemetton, who served as writers and producers on AMC's Mad Men for several seasons.

No further details - like just how many episodes this event requires - are available.

Directed by Adrian Lyne, FATAL ATTRACTION focuses on...

Dan (Michael Douglas), a family man whose one-night affair with Alex (Glenn Close) turns into a nightmare when she insists on continuing the relationship, claiming to be carrying his baby. Alex systematically terrorizes Dan, even temporarily kidnapping his daughter, in her attempts to win back his affection. Douglas' besieged family man guiltily tries to preserve his marriage and family from the consequences of his own indiscretion.

We'll give you more FATAL ATTRACTION info when it comes.

The look of love.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of FATAL ATTRACTION?
Source: The Wrap



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