Fear the Walking Dead season 2B gets a trailer, Danay Garcia joins the cast

Fear the Walking Dead Cliff Curtis

Less than a month out from when the second half of Fear the Walking Dead's second season will begin airing on AMC, the network has shared a trailer for "season 2B" that can be seen below.

After watching the first season and a half of this show, and reviewing the season two episodes here on Arrow in the Head, my impression of Fear the Walking Dead is that it's a show with promise that never quite reaches its potential, frequently building up to a letdown and self-sabotaging at every turn. That has put a damper on my enthusiasm, but after watching this trailer, I have to admit - I like what I see and am looking forward to the show's return.

At the end of the first half of the season, the group we have been following was shattered, splitting off into separate directions. 2B will show what happens as they journey further into the zombie-infested Mexico countryside, and among the new characters they'll be crossing paths with is Luciana, a "badass soldier" played by Prison Break alum Danay Garcia.

Fear the Walking Dead is set to return to the airwaves on August 21st.

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