Fight Club meets Eyes Wide Shut in Geoffrey Sax's new psychological thriller Unmasked

If that's an accurate assessment, I'm wholeheartedly sold!

Variety is reporting WHITE NOISE helmer Geoffrey Sax has lined up a new psychological thriller called UNMASKED. If you're like I, you just envisioned that gnarly masquerade orgy sequence in EYES WIDE SHUT. Creepy shite!

With newbie Peter Scott Vicaire penning - UNMASKED is said to mix elements of "Fight Club" and "Eyes Wide Shut." Story centers around a man who joins a mysterious and dangerous club in order to relive the worst day of his life. Nasser Entertainment is producing, tagging the project with a second quarter production start.

Can't say I've seen FRANKIE AND ALICE, Sax's latest film...but let's hope dude gives something better than WHITE NOISE with UNMASKED. I love both EYES WIDE SHUT and FIGHT CLUB, but come on, there's no way this guy can replicate Kubrick and Fincher. It'd be crazy to even think you could (especially EYES WIDE SHUT, that movie is criminally undervalued). That said, the logline does sound pretty intriguing.

Next comes the casting.

FRANKIE AND ALICE star Halle Berry

Extra Tidbit: You like Kubrick or Fincher better? EYES WIDE SHUT or FIGHT CLUB?
Source: Variety



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