Fight for your survival in new quad-poster for found-footage flick The Dinosaur Project

Exactly a week after seeing the last quad-poster for the found-footage dino pic THE DINOSAUR PROJECT, we now have a new one. I'm not sure how hardcore the flick will prove to be, but to all you across the pond lucky enough to catch this sucker in cinemas August 10th, be sure to report back to us with your thoughts. Until then, bask in the warm glow of the new poster!

Starring Peter Brooke, Matt Kane, Richard Dillane, Stephen Jennings and Natasha Loring (below) - THE DINOSAUR PROJECT gears up when:

A father-son expedition in the Congo are being followed by a TV documentary crew. After all the parties mysteriously go missing, recovered footage shows stunning images of dinosaurs thought to be extinct for 65 million years.

Dino-pics are always a tough nut to crack, as they'll forever be compared to the OG JURASSIC PARK. However, if a brutal hard-R approach is taken, that's a good step in my opinion. Hopefully director Sid Bennett feels the same.

Loring (second from left) and her pals vacationing!

Extra Tidbit: Best non JURASSIC dinosaurs you've seen on film are?
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