Find Carrie website lets you explore Carrie's home

Sony has just launched a creepy new interactive website that lets you explore the White residence while you are connected to Facebook allowing your friends to act as lookouts in order for you to "Find Carrie". You can also play as someone else as the site allows you to enter the Experience as Christine Hargensen with Billy Nolan as your lookout. All you have to do is head over to the site by clicking HERE and start exploring! Kimberly Peirce's take on CARRIE is said to be a more faithful adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel which will open in theaters on October 18th!

CARRIE tells the supernatural tale of a telekinetic teenage girl tormented by her peers. The quiet suburb of Chamberlain, Maine, is home to the deeply religious and conservative Margaret White (Moore) and her daughter, Carrie (Moretz). Carrie is a sweet but meek outcast whom Margaret has sheltered from society. Gym teacher Miss Desjardin (Greer) tries in vain to protect Carrie from local mean girls led by the popular and haughty Chris Hargenson (Portia Doubleday), but only Chris’ best friend, Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde), regrets their actions. In an effort to make amends, Sue asks her boyfriend, high school heartthrob Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort), to take Carrie to prom. Pushed to the limit by her peers at the dance, Carrie unleashes telekinetic havoc.

Directed by Kimberly Peirce, CARRIE stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Judy Greer and Portia Doubleday.

Extra Tidbit: Did you find CARRIE?



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