First look at Carrie White's bloodbath and Moore's Margaret White

Kimberly Peirce’s CARRIE remake, while largely unnecessary given the high quality of Brian De Palma’s original, has a great deal of promise. The cast is superb and director Kimberly Peirce is a nice fit for the “teen-outsider” and “domestic drama” themed source material given her previous experience on films like BOYS DON’T CRY and STOP LOSS.

Based on an official “First Look” from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (see below), we can also assume Pierce has an adequate visual grasp on the film as well. Obviously, no one can outdo De Palma’s slickly stylized camera work but things here look pretty spot-on given the remake's contemporary setting. Of course it gives away the iconic money shot of CARRIE soaked in pig’s blood, but we sort of all saw that coming didn’t we?

Truthfully, I’m most excited to see Julianne Moore’s take on Margaret White. As played by Piper Laurie in the original, the character ranks among Stephen King’s greatest psycho-bitches of all time. I’m particularly eager to see what a versatile screen siren like Moore can do with such a character. Based on the picures below she certainly looks the part.

What do you think? Agree, disagree, or are you Schmoes largely numb to more remake news? Check out the photos below and talk back.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else here enjoy THE RAGE: CARRIE 2 and/or the Angela Bettis fronted remake?



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