First stills from subterranean thriller The Underneath

I just love a claustrophobic, subterranean thriller. I'm talking films like THE DESCENT and its sequel, INTERMEDIO, or RAW MEAT. And though I may be in the minority here, I still got a kick out of THE CAVE. The whole 'trapped underground' thing just scares the hell out of me and that is reason numero uno why you'll never convince me to go spelunking. Who knows what terrors lie in wait down there?

Today we have a handful of stills from a new tale of underground terror, Brian T. Jaynes' THE UNDERNEATH. The film stars  Holt Boggs (THE PRODIGY, SINNERS AND SAINTS), Natalie Wilemon (PATIENT ZERO), and Larry Jack Dotson (HUMANS VS. ZOMBIES) and works from a screenplay by David Wilson.

The film follows a young newlywed couple who find themselves trapped in a network of underground caves. With her husband (Holt Boggs)  injured, the new bride (Natalie Wilemon) is forced to find her way back to the surface in order to save his life. In the process, they discover a terrifying truth about the "underneath", that they are not alone. Something evil is hunting them..."

The distributor, Origin Releasing, will be announcing THE UNDERNEATH's release date in the coming weeks, so keep checking in.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite subterranean horror film?



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