Former WWE wrestler CM Punk stars in The Girl on the Third Floor

The Girl on the Third Floor Travis Stevens Phil Brooks

The last time I watched televised wrestling, it was years before WWF became WWE, so I completely missed out on Phil Brooks' days of wrestling under the name CM Punk. I will soon be able to evaluate his acting skills in horror movies, though. Not only does he have a role in Jen and Sylvia Soska's upcoming remake of the David Cronenberg film RABID, but Queensbury Pictures has now announced that Brooks stars in their haunted house movie THE GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR.

The actor formerly known as CM Punk plays 

Don Koch, a man who is failing as a husband. For years he has skated by on charm and charisma, until it nearly landed him in jail. He now views fixing up an old house as a chance to make up for past mistakes. Meanwhile, his wife, Liz Koch, is concerned about the renovation timeline as they have a baby on the way. With all this pressure it’s no wonder Don responds to the flirtations of an attractive stranger. As Don tears the house apart, it begins to tear him apart as well, revealing the rot behind the drywall.

The importance the act of tearing the house apart plays in the film is apparent in the official image Entertainment Weekly got their hands on, as it shows a seemingly-crazed Don peering through a busted wall. 

Written and directed by Travis Stevens, THE GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR also stars Trieste Dunn, Elissa Dowling, and Sarah Brooks, with Dan Martin providing the special makeup and creature effects.

Steven is producing the film with Greg Newman, Giles Edwards, and Nicola Goelzhauser. This is Stevens' writing and directing debut, but he has previously produced such films as CHEAP THRILLS, STARRY EYES, and WE ARE STILL HERE.

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