Fox 2000 set to adapt post-apocalyptic YA novel Reboot

Two successive letters always raise red flags around here: the dreaded YA.

With that said, it seems Fox 2000 is trying to REBOOT the perception with their newest zombie-tinged post-apocalypse. That's right yo, Amy Tintera's YA novel REBOOT is soon to get the big-screen treatment. Development executive turned writer Lindsay Devlin will adapt the book into a filmable script. Chernin Entertainment will produce. No director has been assigned.

REBOOT is set in a post apocalyptic era where a deadly virus has taken over the world and deceased teenagers are being re-animated to become soldiers. Two of the zombie teens decide to work together and take down the evil organization that brought them back from the dead.

With descriptors like edgy, and given the synopsis and the fact Devlin has a well received horror script to her name (NOCTURN), perhaps this will be the flick that sheds the YA stigma. It would help if Tintera is actually a good writer, which cannot be said for most authors of the form.

We shall see...

Extra Tidbit: You have faith in this one?
Source: THR



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