Frank Darabont to auction off some of the coolest art you'll ever see

Frank Darabont

Did you know Frank Darabont (THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, THE MIST, The Walking Dead) was an avid art collector? And I'm sorry for dumping so much on you at once, but did you also know you could acquire some of that art this weekend?

Darabont will be auctioning off several pieces of his vast movie art collection this Saturday for the Profiles in History's art and movie memorabilia auction.

Says Darabont:

One thing I've always known is this amazing art wouldn't be mine forever. It couldn't be. We don't own these things. We can only be their caretakers for a time, enjoying them as much as possible until inevitably they must pass on to the next caretaker. For me, that time has come. I won't lie to you and say that parting with these things is easy. Trust me, it really, really isn't. But the time for everything passes, and so has my position as caretaker. I will be ever grateful for the joy these wonderful pieces of art have brought me. I can only hope that they will bring their next caretakers (and all caretakers after that, ad infinitum) equal or greater joy.

The collection includes pieces by Bernie Wrightson, Mike Mignola, Sanjulian, Will Eisner, Eric Powell, Bob Peak, Rich Corben, and Vaughn Bode. It also includes a piece by EC Comics artist Jack Davis, who just passed away yesterday at the age of 91, plus a bronze of the Cyclops creature by Ray Harryhausen.

Check out some of the incredible pieces below and see the whole collection right here!

Charles Demar original poster art for The Green Mile
Vintage 1941 original, rare Italian Quattro Fogli movie poster for Frankenstein
Mike Mignola Hellboy original art
Extra Tidbit: If you had the money, which of these things would you buy?



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