Freddy vs Pennywise in Factory's new toy set

My fanboy brain is quite possibly on the verge of imploding like Michael Biehn in THE ABYSS with the thought of this deadly combo beating each other's metaphysical asses. Can you imagine? Freddy vs Pennywise. That would be the coolest fright flick we have seen since... well, since FREDDY VS JASON

The two titans of childhood terror going head to head in dreamland and the macro-verse. The giant turtle the referee. Nancy and Alice as cheerleaders (who do they root for? idk). But all the same this showdown would be legendary.

And now it can happen right on your desk and/or in the special cabinet in the corner of the man-cave you keep all those old TMNT toys in. What? Didn't know I knew you had that? I'm good like that. Factory Entertainment announced they will be producing 10' tall statues of Timy Curry's Pennywise from STEPHEN KING'S IT and Robert England's Freddy from Wes Craven's A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

Here are the details via their site:

Factory entertainment will be introducing a new horror themed collection second quarter debuting with A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger. Standing taller than previous Premium Motion Statues at 10-inches (12-inches with base), the polyresin Freddy statue will feature interchangeable arms (long and short) as well as two portraits (standard and exposed skull). Freddy Krueger will be followed by Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th – a combo of Part 2 and 3 with interchangeable sack head and hockey mask and to have swap-out arms with a different weapon, machete, et al. Also announced was Pennywise the clown with handful of balloons from Stephen King’s IT (the Tim Curry starring miniseries). Also be on the lookout for a Pennywise tin lunch box. The statues will retail for a SRP of $99.99 each.

Jason is joining the party? I'm going to go burst open my piggie bank right now and start counting quarters. I have to have this Pennywise statue. I don't know so much about lunchbox though. It depends on the answer to this question; Factory Entertainment, in regard to your Pennywise statue and lunchbox, I just have one question: Do they float?

Hahaha. I'm going to log off now and go laugh at how clever I am for a full hour. Until I come back you can check out all the other cool shite the Factory Entertainment dudes have planned right HERE. Enjoy!

The pics on their site and the ones below do not include the Pennywise statue yet. Of course not, why fuc*king would it? Geez... Or the Jason figure either. Weak. But you do get a good look at Freddy and the Pennywise lunchbox. So that's something.

Extra Tidbit: Who wins FREDDY or PENNYWISE?



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