Friday the 13th star Adrienne King did stunts on Ghostbusters

Friday the 13th Part 2 Steve Miner Adrienne King

If you've looked over the filmography of actress Adrienne King, who played the heroine Alice in the original FRIDAY THE 13TH, you might have noticed there was a large gap between her brief appearance in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 (pictured above) and the next time she had an on screen role in a movie. To put a number on it, 29 years went by without King being on screen.

If you've watched or read interviews with King, you might know that she took a break from screen acting because she was tormented by a stalker for a long period of time, someone who had seen FRIDAY THE 13TH and decided to target her because she reminded them of a person who had wronged them in the past. 

Still, King had to work in some way while trying to avoid her stalker, and she recently took to her social media account to reveal that she did stuntwork on another very popular '80s movie: GHOSTBUSTERS.

HERE'S a Little known trivia fact.. I was hired onto GHOSTBUSTERS as a stuntwoman for 2 weeks. This was after F13th 1 and 2.. I needed to make $$ for my Screen Actors Guild in order to keep my health insurance and I wasn't interested in ON-Camera work for obvious reasons.. 

my dear friend Tony Farentino introduced me to Cliff Cudney who was the Stunt Coordinator on the movie.. He asked if I'd done any stuntwork before.. I remember answering "not officially.. but I did all my own stunts for Friday the 13th!" He laughed & said "You're hired!! You survived F13! You're officially a Stunt woman in my book!!" 

And I made more $$ from Ghostbusters than all my F13 residuals combined..!! CHEERS!! 

When asked what part of the film she worked on, King said that she's "all over the place" in it,

jumping out of the way of the crazy taxi cab.. Central Park West.. downtown.. you name it. I got slimed a lot!

Now I have reason to watch GHOSTBUSTERS for the umpteenth time - I have to see if I can spot King doing her stunt work, even though she has said that "you'll never find me!"

Extra Tidbit: Will you be trying to spot King in GHOSTBUSTERS?
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