Gary Oldman & Dominic Monaghan join real-life serial killer flick Monster Butler

So we've got a flick coming at us called MONSTER BUTLER that is about the real-life story of a bisexual/jewel thief/con man/serial killer. I kid you not ladies and gents. Intrigued? You should be!

Coming from director Doug Rath, MONSTER BUTLER will tell the real-life story of Roy Fontaine (aka Archibald Hall).

The film will center on Fontaine, a bisexual jewel thief/con man/serial killer who chronicles his personal descent into darkness leading up to his eventual capture.

News coming in from The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog have quite the cast turning up for this thing including Dominic Monaghan, Gary Oldman, Malcolm McDowell and Joanne Whalley (below). Oldman will portray Wiggy, a taxidermist with anger issues and business on the side who partners with Fontaine on a number of crimes before things get heavy. Monaghan will play David Wright, a key player in Roy’s life and who also serves as his Achilles' heel. Their relationship begins in prison and restarts when they both work on an estate. But a blackmail attempt forces Fontaine’s hand and begins his descent into murder and mayhem.

Dark House Films are gearing up to start production on MONSTER BUTLER June 6th in Scotland. Warner Bros. will be distributing the film.

So there you have it folks. Anyone out there ever hear of Fontaine? Think MONSTER BUTLER will be one to keep an eye on? Spit some bullets below and let us know as we wait for this shite to start rolling next week.

Extra Tidbit: Malcolm McDowell is also producing the film along with Diane Da Silva and Chris Roe. Wilson de Silva is executive producing.
Source: Heat Vision



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