Get inducted into Bret Easton Ellis' The Deleted with first official teaser

The Bret Easton Ellis-written and directed series The Deleted has finally debuted its official trailer! It's pure Ellis mania, full of gorgeous young people American Psycho-ing each other and discussing philosophy and creepy cult rituals. It looks intense and kind of gorgeous, even if all the acting isn't totally convincing. It looks like it's must see streaming TV for fans of the author's idiosyncratic style. Check it out below!

The Deleted tells the following story: 

The disappearance of three seemingly unconnected people from Los Angeles triggers a collective paranoia among a group of twentysomethings, all of whom escaped from a cult ‎several years back.

The cast includes Nash Grier, Daniel Zovatto, Will Peltz, Spencer Neville, Todd Maurer, and Madeline Brewer as escaped cultist Agatha. Ian Nelson and Amanda Cerny will play characters named Parker and Breeda, current members of the cult who have been sent to bring back the escapees.

The show is currently available on the streaming service Fullscreen. It was executive produced by Braxton Pope and Ross Levine.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Bret Easton Ellis project?



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