Get trapped in a murder house with Austin Reading's Darkness Rising

Darkness Rising

Best known for playing Nyssa al Ghul on the DC Comics TV shows Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Katrina Law has taken a role in a sci-fi horror film titled DARKNESS RISING, joining a cast that also includes Tara Holt, Bryce Johnson, Heather Mazur, and genre regular Ted Raimi, who is always a welcome presence whenever he shows up.

Directed by Austin Reading from a screenplay by Vikram Weet, DARKNESS RISING tells the following story: 

When Madison Shaw learns that her childhood home is about to be torn down, she has one last chance to confront the demons that drove her family away. Enlisting the help of her fiancé, Jake, and cousin, Izzy, they revisit the scene of the horrific nightmares Madison has been concealing from them. While the visit begins innocently enough, unsettling events build until the three find themselves trapped inside the house by forces beyond their comprehension.

According to another synopsis, Madison is the lone survivor of a massacre that occurred in her childhood home. I'm not sure many people would want to revisit such a site. Clearly it's a very bad idea. Especially when there are supernatural forces involved.

DARKNESS RISING was produced by Jason Potash and Paul Finkel of Storyboard Entertainment alongside Marucs Dean Fuller and Julie S. Fuller of Compass Entertainment.

The film was being presented to potential distributors at the European Film Market earlier this month. We'll keep you you updated as distribution news starts to come out.

Darkness Rising

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