Gina Carano is a post-apocalyptic bounty hunter in Scorched Earth

Gina Carano Peter Howitt Scorched Earth

With roles in films like HAYWIRE, FAST & FURIOUS 6, and DEADPOOL, former MMA fighter / American Gladiator Gina Carano has also proven herself to be a capable action star. Her latest acting role comes in director Peter Howitt's post-apocalyptic film SCORCHED EARTH, which is set to be released in theatres and on VOD February 2nd.

Co-starring John Hannah and Ryan Robbins, SCORCHED EARTH has the following synopsis: 

The planet has suffered an environmental collapse; the air became dangerous to breathe, the water became toxic, and billions of people died. Generations later, mankind has finally re-established a rudimentary society, in an attempt to pick up the pieces that continue to blister in the sun. 

Attica Gage (Gina Carano) is a bounty hunter with a chance at the bounty of a lifetime: to bring down the ruthless outlaw, Elijah Jackson. Gage infiltrates Jackson’s gang, and everything is going to plan until she meets a slave girl who reminds her of her dead sister. With her loyalty to only herself now tested, Gage learns that there might be more to life than just survival.

With a "futuristic Western" style (complete with a visual nod to the original DJANGO) that I find very appealing and plenty of fisticuffs and gunfire on display in the trailer, SCORCHED EARTH looks like fun to me. I'm interested in checking it out when it's released next month.

Gina Carano kicking ass in a post-apocalyptic, new Old West? Sign me up.

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