Gothica series pins Janet Montgomery to play Grace Van Helsing

Just last week we learned that ABC's upcoming GOTHICA series grabbed its first two leading stars with Chris Egan and Tom Eliss who will play Dorian Gray and Victor Frankenstein. According to Deadline, Janet Montgomery (THE HILLS RUN RED) has staked a spot in the leading role of Grace Van Helsing, a New York journalist who takes over her family's newspaper. The cast is starting to shape up for what sounds like a pretty cool new series.

In this incarnation of the story Victor Frankenstein runs a hospital that also does biotech research and believes that he may have a way to bring his recently deceased daughter back to life. Victor (Ellis) was once romantically involved with the show’s lead character, Grace Van Helsing. Dorian Gray (Egan) is a wealthy playboy that invests $20 million in Grace’s newspaper.

GOTHICA is written by Matt Lopez and is being co-produced by The Mark Gordon Company. The cast is starting to take shape and I for one am looking forward to seeing all of these great characters share the screen. There are a lot of horror series in the works right now so GOTHICA is going to have a lot of work ahead of itself if it wants to stand apart.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the cast so far? Adding the gorgeous Janet Montgomery to the cast certainly helps!
Source: Deadline



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