Hammer Films set to open it's script archive to the public!

Well folks with THE WOMAN IN BLACK's success I'd say Hammer Films are back and better than ever! Alright maybe not better than ever but you get the idea...

The bit of Hammer Films news I have for you guys today doesn't concern just one new film. Instead it actually concerns Hammer's entire library of old films! You see, according to Deadline London Hammer has chosen the Cinema And Television History (CATH) Research Centre at the UK’s Leicester De Montfort University to house its script archive. This means the studio's entire library will be available to the public at the CATH Research Centre. Not only that, but the archive will include screenplays from most of the studio’s film and TV productions from 1947-1990 along with extensive corporate paperwork, correspondence and other ephemera. This is the first time the legendary genre studio's library will be opened for public research and study. Nice!

So if you're in the area of the UK’s Leicester De Montfort University stop on in and have a look at the library of classic scripts. And the studio is far from done! You can bet we'll be keeping you updated on any films Hammer have coming our way in the near future so you'll want to check back soon for that.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK's Alisa Khazanova
Extra Tidbit: Hammer's comeback film was the 2010 remake LET ME IN.
Source: Deadline



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