Hammer working on a Woman in Black franchise?! Daniel Radcliffe to return?!

Last week we were treated to the full synopsis for that WOMAN IN BLACK sequel THE WOMAN IN BLACK: ANGELS OF DEATH. Now that rundown was basic enough and seems like it will work as a sequel to Hammer's hit. But a franchise?

Word coming at us from Bleeding Cool has Hammer CEO Simon Oakes spilling the news that Hammer are actually looking at WOMAN IN BLACK as more of a franchise, rather than just a couple films. Check it:

"We are working on not a sequel but a continuation of The Woman in Black. Susan Hill wrote an outline story about what happened 40 years later to the woman in Woman in Black and the house and all of that. It’s completely different. It’s completely different. Obviously with a different story and cast. "

"I also think with a bit of luck, The Woman in Black is sort of like the brand… we won’t count our chickens but absolutely. Plans are afoot."

He also hints at Daniel Radcliffe's return. The CEO wouldn't deny Radcliffe's potential return and just offered that the actor 'might' appear. Not sure how I feel about that one...

Seized by the government and converted into a military mental hospital during World War II, the sudden arrival of disturbed soldiers to Eel Marsh Harsh has awoken its darkest inhabitant. Eve, a beautiful young nurse, is sent to the house to care for the patients but soon realizes she must save them from more than their own demons. Despite Eve’s efforts to stop her, one by one they fall victim to the Woman in Black.

There's no telling when things will start rolling on THE WOMAN IN BLACK: ANGELS OF DEATH but you can bet any other WOMAN IN BLACK news that spills our way will be passed right along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: What other recent horror flicks would you like to see spawn a franchise?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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