Hannibal subject of outside interest should NBC decide not to renew

NBC has been taking their sweet time deciding whether or not to renew the Brian Fuller-produced "Hannibal", which is a shame as it is undoubtedly one of the best damn shows on television now, genre-themed or otherwise. But if the peacock network decides to pass on doing another season of the Mads Mikkelson-starring series it may not be the last we see of "Hannibal".

Deadline is reporting that while NBC internally debates bringing back the incredibly expensive “Hannibal” for a second season, other unnamed networks, including a cable giant and Amazon, which already hosts repeats of the show, are ready to pounce in anticipation of a cancellation. At the moment there are no talks going on and "Hannibal" has not been shopped as the producers are waiting on a renewal at NBC, but if NBC continues to balk on making a decision soon we expect that to change quickly.

We're huge fans of "Hannibal" here at AITH and would love to see it continue its run on NBC, but we'd be just as happy to follow it to any other network that would be willing to scoop it up if NBC decides to not renew for a future season. We'll keep you posted on what the future holds for "Hannibal" and, as always, we'll continue to bring you news, recaps and other "Hannibal" related goodies as they come our way.

Extra Tidbit: If NBC passes on "Hannibal", what other network would you love to see pick it up?
Source: Deadline



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