Horror goes the Cassidy Way on February 23rd

Earlier this month, director Harvey Lowry's film MONDAY AT 11:01 A.M. (which we shared the trailer for back in December) was released into select AMC theatres and on VOD, and before the month is out another Lowry horror film will be available for viewing, as FilmWorks Entertainment will be giving the director's CASSIDY WAY a DVD release next Tuesday, February 23rd.

Written by Ken Sax and Neil Blakemore, CASSIDY WAY is described as a "gut-wrenching and bloody thriller" and is said to be inspired by true events. 

When film students Gina, Collin, and Mitch set out to make her thesis documentary film about water contamination caused by a fracking company in Kern County, they decide to trespass at an old fracking site and uncover documents relating to the company, its dark past and the subsequent cover-up. After narrowly escaping capture by the Saxlow company guards the trio encounters local teen Jamison Connors, who takes them back to his house where they meet his sister, mother, and his father Donald. Donald, a man obsessed, suspects the three of being involved with the fracking company and proceeds to exact his twisted revenge on the students as a way of avenging his youngest son's death which was caused by Saxlow guards a decade prior.

Special features on the DVD will include a making of featurette, the trailer, and a photo gallery.

The film stars Randy Wayne, Christopher Rich, Sydney Sweeney, Nikki Moore, Sean H. Scully, and Devin Reeve.

A trailer for CASSIDY WAY can be viewed below, and if it seems like something that would be up your alley, the DVD can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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