Lance Henriksen and Briana Evigan cause trouble Monday at 11:01 A.M.

A trailer and poster have been released online to give us a look at MONDAY AT 11:01 A.M., a suspense thriller from director Harvey Lowry and screenwriter Charles Agron.

Agron stars in the film as well, teaming with a cast that includes Lauren Shaw, Lance Henriksen, and Briana Evigan to bring his story to the screen: 

A young couple finds themselves in a beautiful yet eerie mountain town where everyone seems strangely familiar. While Jenny (Shaw) busies herself in the small antique shops – Michael (Agron) wanders into the local watering hole. The bartender (Henriksen) dares Michael to check out Olivia (Evigan),a sultry brunette in the corner. After a drink, Michael takes him up on the offer and moves to sit next to her. The two begin an ominous flirtation with Olivia slipping him her phone number. Michael and Jenny decide to stay overnight at the dimly lit and aging hotel. During the night Michael is jolted out of bed when he hears frantic screams from another room. When he calls the front desk for help, he is met with cold indifference. No one believes him including Jenny. As his hallucinations become more real through a series of horrific events, Michael finds himself desperately trying to walk the line between reality and the terror that awaits him.

I was sold on this film as soon as I saw that Henriksen and Evigan were involved (the actors were also recently paired in PARANORMAL ISLAND), but the plot sounds intriguing, and the trailer makes it look like an entertaining time, with some eye candy cinematography and a reliably strong performance from Henriksen. I also really like the glimpses we see of the horn-wearing cult members...

Give the trailer a look below and see what you think. There is currently no release date set for MONDAY AT 11:01 A.M., but we'll bring you that information as soon as it's available.

Extra Tidbit: How does MONDAY AT 11:01 A.M. look to you?
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