Horror goes viral with Paul Hough's YouTube channel Don't Turn Around

Director Paul Hough (THE HUMAN RACE) wants to bring horror into the digital age. In an attempt to scare the Internet silly, he has created the creepypasta YouTube channel Don't Turn Around to be a sort of amalgam of "original, terrifying short horror films and bursts of audio/video strangeness." Their goal is to infiltrate the Internet with their particular brand of fear.

Says Hough:

One of the unique things we’re going to do is create horror videos to go viral. Videos that aren’t real, but that people will think are. We will not only give birth to Creepypastas but place these videos innocuously across the internet. Only those watching DON’T TURN AROUND will be in on it and know the truth.

Of course, intentionally trying to make viral content is a fool's errand. Just ask the legions of crap teen pop stars pumped out by the company that made Rebecca Black's "Friday" such an accidental success. But so far these videos seem to capture the spirit of the creepypasta forums with a chilling atmosphere and clever stories. Even if the content doesn't take off like they hope, it's definitely a fountain of fear to keep an eye on.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite creepypasta?



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