Horror videogame roundup! James Gunn's Lollipop Chainsaw, Diablo III and Black Ops' zombies

It's been a busy week in the gaming world and we've got some interesting horror-related videogame news to share with you. First up, Warner Bros released a nifty little featurette for their upcoming zombie-meets-cheerleader slash-a-thon LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW, co-written by none other than James Gunn (TROMEO & JULIET, SLITHER). Check out the video below. You can also preorder the game for the X360 HERE or for the PS3 HERE.

Next up is the short but diabolically sweet TV spot for the highly anticipated DIABLO III. It's arguably more dark fantasy than horror, but still well-worth your attention. Scope it out below and, if it compells you to preorder the game, you can do so RIGHT HERE. As a side note, the 'aooga' sound bite is fast becoming the successor to INCEPTION's 'BROOOMM!' in trailers nowadays.

Last but not least, this week saw the announcement of BLACK OPS II, yet another installment of the sublimely successful CALL OF DUTY franchise. While the game itself looks to bring the series' trademark Michael Bay-flavored action into the near future, what we're really interested in is the revamped zombie component. What started as a mere Easter egg in COD: WORLD AT WAR has since grown into a full-fledged gameplay mode. Treyarch, the game's developer, promises that this year's zombies will be given as much attention as the main single- and multiplayer, with several different modes and a bigger environment in which to slaughter the undead. The studio even released a cool promotional art, teasing the zombie action in BLACK OPS II. Check it out below. You can also preorder the game for PC, X360 or PS3.

Jessica Nigri as LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW's Juliet Starling is a prime example of cosplay I could get behind.

Extra Tidbit: Which one of these are you looking forward to the most?



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