IM Global takes on black-listed deadly virus thriller Peste

Another year on the brink, another potential virus on the outbreak...

Deadline has it that IM Global Octane, the genre wing of IM Global, has purchased the black-listed script for the deadly virus thriller PESTE. Barbara Marshall wrote the spec, conceived as the first leg in a potential trilogy. Sherryl Clark (Busted Shark) will produce with IM Global, with plans to assign a director to begin production some time during the first half of 2013. Peep the lowdown...

In Peste, a teenage girl begins a video documentary about her life for a school project just as a terrifying virus sweeps through her small town. Quarantined with her family, she thinks they are out of harm’s way, but she soon learns that the virus has invaded their house. Her video documents the family’s frantic struggle to find a cure before they are completely taken over by the Peste.

So the girl is videotaping her experience? Sounds like a found-footage, or at least a handy-cam horror entry. Hit or miss these days, LOVELY MOLLY gets it right, THE DEVIL INSIDE not so much. Like always, who directs and stars will be of great import.

So let's throw out suggestions? Who should direct PESTE? Who would you like to see star?

Extra Tidbit: Sheryl Clark also produced PLUSH, starring Emily Browning (above).
Source: Deadline



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