Inspired by Blumhouse, Hereford Films gets into horror with Aura

Aura Steve Lawson

UK independent production company Hereford Films has been inspired by Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions to start delving into the horror genre, and this endeavor has officially begun with the just-wrapped film AURA. Written and directed by Steve Lawson, AURA is set in the United States and 

revolves around the concept of photographing your own aura, known as Kirlian photography.

Shane Taylor, Janine Nerissa, and Rula Lenska star.

Hereford CFO Richard Watts-Joyce had this to say about his company's horror plans: 

In the wake of the huge success achieved by Blumhouse Productions in the U.S., we have been busy establishing a horror division at Hereford to produce quality, commercial genre films for the international market. The relatively low budgets make these films attractive for investors who can see returns on this type of films quickly."

AURA will be followed by a slate of horror films that includes

TORMENTED, about teenager Ashley Loren, who — in the aftermath of a tragic car accident — is haunted by nightmares of her dead sister, and must uncover her town’s dark past in the hope of vanquishing the malevolent spirit that terrorizes her from beyond the grave.

CHASE, an adaptation of the Shaun Hutson novel that follows a couple who take their eight-year-old daughter on a dream U.S. holiday, unaware of a series of child abductions and murders and a crazed cult that have spread terror across the area they intend to visit. As they travel along the highways of Colorado they are pursued not just by the forces of an unimaginable evil but also by the darkness within themselves.

PENTAGRAM, inspired by THE DEVIL RIDES OUT and set to be directed by Steve Lawson.

We'll keep you updated on all of these projects as Hereford moves forward with them.

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Source: Variety



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