INTERVIEW: Chistopher Mintz-Plasse, Fright Night

From Superbad to Kick-Ass; Chistopher Mintz-Plasse has been playing the nerdy passive guy most of his career. In the remake of Fright Night he plays the role of “Evil Ed” the former best friend of main protagonist, Charlie ( Anton Yelchin).

If you haven’t seen the original; Fright Night is a story of a teenage boy who discovers that his new next door neighbor might be a vampire and enlists the help of celebrity illusionist (in the original he was an actor) Peter Vincent to stop the tyranny of his blood sucking neighbor from hell. This version adds a bit of back story to "Evil Ed" and his relationship with Charlie as children.

Being a fan of “McLovin” ever since Superbad, it was a great pleasure to meet this funny and talented kid. He discusses his love of horror movies, shooting in 3D, the joys of prosthetics and of course vampires. The guy was a delight to interview. I hope you all enjoy.

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