INT: Malcolm McDowell

When you talk of legends in this business, there are few actors that have shocked and surprised more then the great Malcolm McDowell. This dude was CALIGULA, he caused anarchy in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, he even played “A British Person” on “South Park“. Although he hasn’t had the career that other greats might have had, he is by no means any less comparable to many of the other terrific actors that have come from across the pond. And… he was on “Entourage” and will soon be seen in Neil Marshall’s DOOMSDAY. How cool is that?

So when I got to talk to the new Dr. Sam Loomis in Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, I was extremely happy to see what a true gent he is. He is funny and amazingly charming. He spoke about how he had never seen any of the HALLOWEEN films and the reason he took on the role. It was really fascinating to sit across from this living legend. There are times when this job is really a treat and this was one of them. HALLOWEEN opens on Friday, August 31st.

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